70 of 70: Thank You

It is inherently enjoyable to draw and share artwork to no further purpose than to bring a smile to the half dozen people this blog reaches. If this goal has been achieved, Tinycat and friends will be happy.

THANK YOU, visitors and followers here and on Facebook.

Apologies that doodle uploads are not frequent or regular; this hobby must take a back seat to life stuff. It costs money to run but brings in none, yet there will be no plea for reader support yet. Maybe one day there will be a greetings card on offer or some such, but that’s a backup plan only if the site gets too expensive to run.

It is uncertain what the next project will be, but there will be a lot of coursework to do at university until October 2019 so further quick doodles are likely.

Best wishes for the festive holiday season, and for the New Year. May you be warm enough, well enough fed, well enough loved, and sufficiently healthy to be generous and kind to yourself.

70 of 70


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